Privacy Policy

1, Basic Policy

SISIKU ADDKREIS CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as 'we' or 'us' or 'our') recognizes the importance of personal information and considers that the protection of it is an social responsibility, and complies with the laws and regulations, and properly acquires, uses and administers the personal information.


2, Applicable Scope

This privacy policy shows our policy to comply with when handling our customer's personal information or other equivalent information.


3, Definition of Personal Information and Personal Data

As used herein 'Personal information' refers to the information that identifies and recognizes a specific living individual which falls under any of each following item:

・Information that can be identified as an individual by combination consists of name, affiliated company, telephone number, email address, etc.

・Information including individual identification code. A personal identification code is a code that exchanges body information such as fingerprints and DNA. Or a number assigned to an individual, such as my number or driver's license number.

Personal Data' in this policy means data managed in a searchable database of personal information.


4, Purpose of Using Personal Information

We use the information provided by customers within the scope of the following purposes.

For identify verification
To answer inquiries
For distribution and sending of newsletter and various notifications
To conduct campaigns and surveys
For provision, improvement, development and marketing of services
To provide personal information to business partners, organization, etc., based on the consent and application from the customers
To investigate actions prohibited by the terms of use, etc.
For recruitment activities
Other purposes for which you have individually consented.


5, Management of Personal Information

We take necessary measures to keep the security system and the management system up to date. We provide training for employees, and implement safety measures, and strictly manage personal information, which helps to keep customer's information is accurate and updated, and prevents illegal access, loss, damage, falsification and leak of the information. We use a cryptographic communications protocol called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to prevent a third party from reading or falsifying important customer information.


6, Provide Personal Information to Any Third Party

We appropriately manage personal information received from customers, and does not disclose personal information to third party except in any of the following cases.

When the customer agrees.
In case of disclosure to a company outsourced by us for providing services requested by the customers.
When it is necessary to disclose based on a law or an ordinance.


7, Inquiries about Personal Information

If there is a request for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc., we will respond according to the prescribed method.
We will notify you by email regarding disclosure, correction information, etc., so please contact us on the inquiry page below.


8, Inquiry



9, About Cookies

A cookie is a mechanism to save the user's browsing history on your computer (any other device capable of connecting to the internet such as a tablet PC, smartphone or tablet).
Cookies are stored on your browser and referenced from the server, but the files sent from this site as Cookies do not include any information to identify individuals, and will not violate your privacy.
We may analyze your use situation of this site and use it to improve our services by using Cookies.
You can refuse to allow data to be collected by choosing to turn off Cookies, so please confirm your browser settings.
However if you choose to decline Cookies, the services of some sites including this site may not work well. Thank you for your understand.


10, Access Analysis

In this website we use 'Google Analytics' that Google offers for analysis and improvement of the website.
This website uses Cookies to collect website traffic data.
The data is collected anonymously and does not identify individuals.
It should be noted that the information collected on newsletter do identify individuals, but we appropriately handle it in accordance with the above purpose of use.


11, Advertisement Delivery

This site uses a third-party advertisement service 'Google Adsense'
The advertisement distribution companies may use Cookies to display advertisements according to the user's interests. This allows them to recognize the user's browser, but they never identify any individuals.
Please visit the following link for how to turn off Cookies and details about 'Google Adsense'.


12, How to use Cookies in advertising by Google.

>> Advertising Privacy Terms Google


13, Disclaimer

If you move to other website through the links or from the banners on this website, please note that we are not responsible for the information, services, etc. provided on the destination site.


14, Compliance and review of laws and regulations

Regarding customer's personal information we hold, we complies with applicable Japanese laws and any other regulations, and also make efforts to review appropriately and improve the content of this policy.
Therefore please note that this policy is subject to change without notice.
Changes to this privacy policy are affective at the time they are posted on this website.


15, Name of Business

President/ Yusuke Murata