Hibachi braziers


Antique Hibachi braziers

Antique Hibachi braziers are kind of antique furniture of practical use . There might be some stains/scratches in the body or copper lining due to nature of the articles. Most of those are one of a kind, or only a few pieces available for each design.


Effect of Hibachi braziers

Since ancient times Hibachi braziers have been
popular as heating appliance to Japanese, but by
the middle of Showa era it has been replaced by
other devices like kerosene stove, and put away in
storehouse or barn. Frankly speaking, it's definitely
hard for people nowadays to use this item, but it only
applies when you regard it as a heating appliance.
However, you can appreciate the item in other respects. Watching glowing charcoal in Hibachi-brazier may warm your heart, you'll never be able to
part with this good item while having a calm winter.
Although you should be carful to maintain adequate ventilation when you use it in a room, it can be nice item to be handled safely by those living alone or with family.
See more information for effect and safety of
'Hibachi-braziers' here.


Wooden Hibachi braziers

This type is crafted by hollowing out a log, or putting together different wooden parts. It comes with a copper lining keeps the body from burning. You can
place charcoal which has insulating effect. Some items are wonderfully decorated with gorgeous 'maki-e'.

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Metal Hibachi braziers

Hibachi braziers made with steel, copper and brass etc. Many items with decoration have antique look.

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Porcelain Hibachi braziers

This type can be produced on a large scale thanks to
its material, and is still produced in a small volume now. Coloring can be easily done, and many colorful items are available.

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Hibachi braziers-set

Set is comprised of Hibachi braziers, Trivet, Iron Kettle, Charcoal, Iron Tong, Ash Pad and Tatami Mat, with which you can start using Hibachi braziers
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