Bamboo Charcoal


Efficacy and Effect of Bamboo charcoal

Do you know that the efficacy and effect of Bamboo charcoal are used at various places?

It is used for deodorization in shoes box and refrigerator, and for humidity control in oshiire. And the rice will be delicious if you put it in a rice cooker, and it can purify water and turn water into mineral water. Recently, it is used in facial cleanser and toothpaste, and there is "eatable bamboo charcoal" mixed with food, so we are surprised. Also, the large one with bamboo joints is popular item to tense atmosphere as an interior decoration in addition to the deodorant and humidity control effect above.


Product introduction


Bamboo charcoal



Size 250mm
※This size is approximate. Please note in advance that actual length of the product may slightly vary.
Net weight 45g


Bamboo charcoal with basket



Size 80×80×50mm
※Please note in advance that there is a variation in dimensions because the product is made by hand.
Net weight 40g


Bamboo charcoal for shoes



Size 250mm
※This size is approximate. Please note in advance that actual length of the product may slightly vary.
Net weight 100g


Efficacy and Effect of Bamboo charcoal

①Deodorant and Humidity control effect of Bamboo charcoal

We can't see them, but there are countless small holes.
Bamboo charcoal deodorize by absorbing smell substance in the air into here.

And, it absorb water when the humidity of the air is humid, and release water otherwise.

②Water purification effect

③Maintenance of effect


If you use bamboo charcoal for a long time, the deodorant effect will drop. That is because the holes are blocked by continuing to absorb the substance. The effect restore if you boil once and dry it.


SISIKU Bamboo charcoal

What kind of shape do you think when you hear the word "Bamboo charcoal"? Many people may think the bamboo knotted shape. Bamboo charcoal we sale has the shape of long rod. Why it looks like this?

使用済みの竹箸をリサイクルしたエコな竹炭です   8時間かけて釜で竹炭を作っています

Actually the material of Bamboo charcoal is used "Bamboo chopsticks". They are made by washing cleanly and firing in our charcoal kiln.

Bamboo chopsticks have come to be used in many restaurants as one of the ways to use the logged Bamboo. We reuse the chopsticks to make Bamboo charcoal.

They are not suitable as an interior decoration for shape. But they are suitable to put in a vase with flower taking advantage of thin shape, and perfect size for the deodorization of boot and shoes.

3 types (only Bamboo charcoal/for shoes/with basket) are available.
Please choose according to your use and taste.