Hibachi braziers-Set


5-article set necessary for starting Hibachi braziers.
Multiple combination can be possible according to your choice.


Hibachi braziers

These are all antique Hibachi braziers.

*Being antique items, fine scratches and stains
may be found, which please accept in advance.

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SISIKU original Trivet "Santoku"

You place it on the ash to support iron kettle etc.

The series is designed in the motif of Japanese traditional family crests.

For details, see here



Iron Kettle

Slowly and deliberately boiled water with iron kettle mellows the flavor of tea.

You can also enjoy it with Hibachi braziers as interior decorative items.



Iron Tongs

'Must item for handling charcoal when moving ignited one from
a chimney starter pot to Hibachi braziers. Iron tongs of Nambu Ironware work.



Iron paddle

Iron paddle is a tool for smoothing the surface of ash.

It has a saw-toothed edge which may leave a nice wave pattern on ash.


on the ash.

Tatami mats are handmade one by one by a craftsperson in

It is used as seat for Hibachi braziers, and as a display which is a must-have item to give Japanese flavor to the space.



Examples of Hibachi braziers-Set


【Hibachi】‥‥Porcelain W235×D235×H250mm

【Trivet】‥‥Santoku 'Katabami'

【Iron Kettle】‥‥#5 Arare W160×D140×H145mm 0.65L

【Iron Tongs】‥‥270mm

【Iron Paddle】‥‥W80×D185mm

【Tatami Mat】‥‥W350×D350mm


【Hibachi】‥‥Wooden W270×D270×H260mm

【Trivet】‥‥Santoku 'Mitsudomoe'

【Iron Kettle】‥‥#7 Kikko/ W170×D150×H170mm 0.9L

【Iron Tongs】‥‥270mm

【Iron Paddle】‥‥W80×D185mm

【Tatami Mat】‥‥W350×D350mm


【Hibachi】‥‥Porcelain W250×D250×H245mm

【Trivet】‥‥Santoku 'Mitsuba'

【Iron Kettle】‥‥#5 Arare W160×D140×H145mm 0.65L

【Iron Tongs】‥‥270mm

【Iron Paddle】‥‥W80×D185mm

【Tatami Mat】‥‥W450×D450mm

【Hibachi】‥‥Wooden W300×D300×H240mm

【Trivet】‥‥Santoku 'Mitsuwa'/ Mini Trivet "Kosantoku"

【Iron Kettle】‥‥#7 Kikko W170×D150×H170mm 0.9L

【Iron Tongs】‥‥270mm

【Iron Paddle】‥‥W80×D185mm

【Tatami Mat】‥‥W450×D450mm


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