Heat effect and the way of safety use of Hibachi braziers
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Performance and Safety of Hibachi braziers

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〈Warmth of Hibachi braziers〉

Hibachi braziers don't have heat facility that can compete with the air conditioner and the oil fan heater, but Hibachi braziers which are used with charcoal have peculiar warmth which far-infrared radiation bring, and you will be warmed to the born if the air is cold. Some people use Hibachi braziers because they hate air conditioners that dry the air. If you warm iron kettle with water, the humidification effect is perfect!

By the way, we can boil water and lightly broil dried fish and bread with charcoal fire, so you can use Hibachi braziers as a cooking utensil.

〈Safety of Hibachi braziers〉
We would like you to be definitely careful about ventilation when you use Hibachi braziers.
Because modern buildings have extremely airtight structure, you may have risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if you use Hibachi (make a fire with charcoal). You need to ventilate frequently for the safety use, and in such case, it is most effective to open the windows widely. This is one of the reasons why it is difficult to warm the entire room with Hibachi braziers.
Hibachi braziers have the advantages and disadvantages, but we would be grateful if you would enjoy your Hibachi braziers life with free thinking according to your taste and life-style.